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SBTi Study
SBTi 学習研究会

about SBTi

SBTi is the abbreviation of "Scienc Based Target initiative", is a joint initiative arises from the partnership between the United Nations Global Compact, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), with the aim of promoting more ambitious goals for reductions in emissions, thus facilitating the transition and growth of business activities towards a low-carbon economy.

 The transition to a low-carbon economy is underway and accelerating globally. Until today(20th Oct 2020), 1017 companies are taking science-based climate action and 529 companies have approved science-based targets.

As an advocate community for sustainable textile, we chose to build up an online space where people from whole value chain could join. Here, you could find consolidated resources available from public, join our online webinar and methodologies' study forum and meet different people and companies who also like you, commiting to tackle climate change.

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