Davos 2020 - Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World


50年了,沒錯,從1971年開始,今年是世界經濟論壇(World Economic Forum)第五十屆;相較於其他國際會議,可能很多國人不是那麼孰悉。可以參考以下短片。

細數歷史,1973年,WEF創辦人Klaus Schwab發表了第一個宣言(Davos Manifesto)在此,詳列了組織的道德準則。在第二個五十年,時代已然與過去不同,為迎接第四次工業革名,故宣布了第二個宣言原文在此


  1. 一個企業存在的目的,應該協助利害關係人參與及分享其創造的價值。 The purpose of a company is to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, a company serves not only its shareholders, but all its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society at large. The best way to understand and harmonize the divergent interests of all stakeholders is through a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company.

  2. 一個企業的功能,不僅僅是一台產生財富的經濟單位。 A company is more than an economic unit generating wealth. It fulfils human and societal aspirations as part of the broader social system. Performance must be measured not only on the return to shareholders, but also on how it achieves its environmental, social and good governance objectives. Executive remuneration should reflect stakeholder responsibility.

  3. 一個具有全球視野的企業,不應只是服務其直接利益相關人,更是整個社會。 A company that has a multinational scope of activities not only serves all those stakeholders who are directly engaged, but acts itself as a stakeholder – together with governments and civil society – of our global future. Corporate global citizenship requires a company to harness its core competencies, its entrepreneurship, skills and relevant resources in collaborative efforts with other companies and stakeholders to improve the state of the world.

Davos 2020,其大會主題為 Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World;同時,將主題分為七個子議題,分別為:

  • Healthy Futures:健康的未來,關於衛生及醫療等議題

  • How to Save the Planet:如何拯救地球,關於環境如氣候變遷等議題

  • Society & Future of Work:社會及未來的工作型態,關於第四次工業革命後的就業力等議題

  • Fairer Economies:更公平的經濟結構,關於貧富不均等議題

  • Better Business:更好的企業,關於未來的企業型態等議題

  • Beyond Geopolitics:跨越地緣政治,關於各國如何能夠團結對抗全球挑戰等議題

  • Tech for Goods:新科技新世界,關於近幾年科技迅速發展帶來的機會與挑戰等議題




誠徵更多夥伴,一同將世界帶入台灣! 不久的未來,成為華人世界前瞻的平台。

Let's bring the world to our home, and vice versa.

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