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Circular Economy Study
CD 学習研究会


A circular economy (CE) is one in which products and materials are recycled, repaired and reused, and in which waste from one industrial process becomes an input into another.

Achieving from linear to circular model requires unprecedented collaboration given that today, only 8.6% of the world is circular.

We have a long way to go. 

As an advocate community for sustainable development, we chose to build up an online space where people from whole value chain could join. Here, you could find consolidated resources available from world-leading organizations, join our online webinar and methodologies' study forum and meet different people and companies who also like you, commiting to build a circular world.

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101 SPEECHES in 2021

And yes, free-of-charge (1) !!

When this community founded in 2019, we have set severals goals for next year to achieve sustainability, but we didn't expect 2020 is a truly tough year as people are suffering from pandemic, natural disasters and human right crisis. None of these should have happened, but it just did.

However, as an advocate for sustainable development, we are much more realized the challenges before our eyes are not fully disastrous, if we all act together and do something differently, we can change the course of our destiny. In such the moment like this, we are willing more than ever, to be the hands to connect all of us.

Despite the pandemic still crushing the world, the impact of climate change will not slow down, the loss of biodiversity still accelerating, the resources we heavily rely on are vanishing; perhaps the thing we could do now is not just point fingers but the raise more awareness to the public.  

We would to take the quote from Jane Goodall, 


“Only if we understand, can we care.

Only if we care, we will help.

Only if we help, we shall be saved.” 

In this regarding, we are commited to give 101 speeches to anyone or organizations (2) or schools in 2021, if they share the same commitment and vision as we do. We are more than willing to raise the awareness, concept and knowledge in circular economy.

The speakers are coming from all kinds of industries who are specialise in circular economy, locally and globally, English and Madarin are both available. We have partnered with Ellen MacArthur Foundation to use their resources in these speeches.

We especially encourage schools in rural areas to apply for the seats, as we hope the students in these areas can have equal opportunities to learn, to grow and to be inspired. 



  1. FREE-OF-CHARGE: Speech itself is free, however in order to encourage more volunteers to join, organizations should be able to cover speakers' travel and accommodation (if any) expenses . For rural areas, we will discuss on how we can find a balance act. 

  2. Organization: including but not limited to government, private sectors excluding consulting firms, NGO, NPO, schools, communities.

If you think we could be a potential candidate to come to your organization to share circular economy, please drop your message and we will contact you shortly.
The application opens are year round, we  will review your application anytime  after you submit below form. 
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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